The Power of Data in Health and Social Care


Harness the power of data to improve health and social care servicesData analytics is a powerful tool in health and social care. It can be used to develop new services, influence strategies, inform budget decisions and optimise processes and policy.

On this course, you’ll discover the principles of healthcare data analytics. Discover best practices around data governance, tools to help you manage and analyse data, and how to work collaboratively with data scientists and digital teams.

Using real-world case studies you’ll gain practical experience of the link between health and data science, that you can use to create sustainable health and social care services.

On this special extended version of the course the educators will continue to join the discussions and respond to individual comments but less frequently; this will likely mean that they will not be able to respond to each individual comment or question. Please also note that there will not be any Live Stream sessions during this run, however, links to recordings of previous sessions will be included for your benefit.

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