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About DataKwery

We believe that data skill gaps are harming organizations and their people. Thankfully, anyone with motivation, baseline fundamentals, and enough time can learn data skills today from the best education brands in the world, often for free.

But the world of data is huge. We often hear from students that they don't know where to start or which option will best support their learning goals and career aspirations. We hope this resource will at least surface what is available more clearly.

Affiliate Partners

We are lucky to have teamed up with many of these leading brands. What does this mean? For some courses that you'll find on our site, the link will take you to the affiliate's landing page with a special url. If you happen to purchase a course or certificate, we may eventually receive a small commission. There is no difference in your experience.

Custom Learning Programs

We also recognize that many companies are filled with people who aren't able to follow a self-learning data path. The result is that data literacy remains elusive at the very time everyone is being asked to make more evidenced-based decisions.

We've worked with organizations of different shapes and sizes to build custom learning programs.