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More Data Mining with Weka

Learn how to process, analyse, and model large data sets On this course, led by the University of Waikato where Weka originated, you’ll be introduced to advanced data mining techniques and skills. Following on from their first Data Mining with Weka course, you’ll now be supported to process a dataset with 10 million instances and mine a 250,000-word text dataset. You’ll analyse a supermarket dataset representing 5000 shopping baskets and learn about filters for preprocessing data, selecting attributes, classification, clustering, association rules, cost-sensitive evaluation. You’ll also explore learning curves and how to automatically optimize learning parameters.


What you’ll learn

From this educational opportunity you will improve the skills sought by employers in 2021. The most in demand technique from the learning resource that is frequently mentioned by employers is Data Analysis. The most relevant tool is Linux. You will also learn about Programming Skills, a trait frequently included in job advertisements.

Who will benefit?

Mapping the description from this educational opportunity with nearly 10,000 data-related job advertisements, we discover that those in or pursuing Data Scientist roles have the most to gain.