Advanced Data Mining with Weka

Extend your repertoire of data mining scenarios and techniquesThis course will bring you to the wizard level of skill in data mining, following on from Data Mining with Weka and More Data Mining with Weka, by showing how to use popular packages that extend Weka’s functionality. You’ll learn about forecasting time series and mining data streams. You’ll connect up the popular R statistical package and learn how to use its extensive visualisation and preprocessing functions from Weka. You’ll script Weka in Python – all from within the friendly Weka interface. And you’ll learn how to distribute data mining jobs over several computers using Apache SPARK.

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The techniques and tools covered in Advanced Data Mining with Weka are most similar to the requirements found in Data Scientist job advertisements.

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Fast Facts

Apache Spark Linux R Python

Classification Data Analysis Data Visualization Forecasting Functions Image Analysis Statistical Analysis Time Series Analysis Cluster Analysis Data Mining Variables

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