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Data Mining with Weka

Learn how to mine your own dataToday’s world generates more data than ever before! Being able to turn it into useful information is a key skill. This course introduces you to practical data mining using the Weka workbench. We’ll dispel the mystery that surrounds the subject. We’ll explain the principles of popular algorithms. We’ll show you how to use them in practical applications. You’ll get plenty of experience actually mining data during the course, and afterwards you’ll be well equipped to mine your own. Weka originated at the University of Waikato in NZ, and Ian Witten has authored a leading book on data mining.


What you’ll learn

In this educational resource you will gain confidence with the compentencies demanded by organizations today. The most in demand technique in the learning resource that is commonly included by companies is Statistical Analysis. The most relevant tool is Linux. You will also hear about Programming Skills, a trait commonly included in job descriptions.

Who will benefit?

Contrasting the description from this learning opportunity with nearly 10,000 data-related job postings, we discover that those interested in Data Scientist roles have the most to gain.