CRM Fundamentals and Practice: Salesforce Reports, Objects, and Data Management


This course covers fundamental Salesforce functionality for learners who want to develop their CRM skills and knowledge.
It is the second in the CRM Fundamentals and Practice ExpertTrack. You will continue to learn how to use Salesforce, building on the introductory CRM skills covered in the first course.

Improve your CRM skills to boost your employability

The CRM industry is growing rapidly. The global CRM market is estimated to be worth $50 billion, and is forecast to create 3.3 million additional jobs between 2016 and 2022.

Growing your skills in Salesforce or other CRM platforms will contribute to building competitive advantage through improved customer service, offering value to potential employers and your overall career goals.

Discover how to use Salesforce to generate high quality customer data

You’ll learn about Salesforce objects. These are collections of customer data filed according to category, including leads, contacts, and opportunities. These important data points are designed to help you organise your relationships and activities to enhance them.

You’ll then discover how to create Salesforce reports and dashboards, which can help you understand what your customer data is telling you. These can play a central role in data-driven decision making and driving improvements such as greater customer loyalty and sales.

You will also explore how to manage your data in Salesforce, and how to gauge data quality to ensure your data is complete and accurate. This is key, as it is on this customer data that you will be building your CX strategy.Read more.

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Career Relevance by Data Role

The techniques and tools covered in CRM Fundamentals and Practice: Salesforce Reports, Objects, and Data Management are most similar to the requirements found in Business Analyst job advertisements.

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