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Creating an Analytical Dataset

The Creating an Analytical Dataset course provides students with foundational knowledge to input, clean, blend, and format data in preparation for analysis. You will learn:The common sources and types of data To identify and correct common issues with data To format data in useful ways for analysis To blend data from multiple sources togetherThroughout this course you’ll also learn the techniques to apply your knowledge in a data analytics program called Alteryx. At the end of the course, you’ll complete a project based on the principles in the course..This course is part of the Business Analyst Nanodegree.

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What you’ll learn

In this educational resource you may gain confidence with the skills demanded from employers in 2021. The most relevant technique from the learning opportunity that is often mentioned by companies is Data Analysis. The most in demand tool is Alteryx. You will also find out about Programming Skills, a trait often requested in job postings.

Who will benefit?

Contrasting content from this educational opportunity with nearly 10,000 data-related job descriptions, we determine that those in or pursuing Data Scientist roles would benefit the most.