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Data-driven Decision Making

Welcome to Data-driven Decision Making. In this course, you'll get an introduction to Data Analytics and its role in business decisions. You'll learn why data is important and how it has evolved. You'll be introduced to “Big Data” and how it is used. You'll also be introduced to a framework for conducting Data Analysis and what tools and techniques are commonly used. Finally, you'll have a chance to put your knowledge to work in a simulated business setting.

Created by PwC


What you’ll learn

In this educational resource you can improve the compentencies sought from companies in 2021. The most relevant technique in the learning opportunity that is frequently included from companies is Data Analysis. You will also learn about Problem Solving Skills, a trait frequently requested in job postings.

Who will benefit?

Mapping material from this learning resource with nearly 10,000 data-related job advertisements, we discover that those in or pursuing Data Scientist roles would benefit the most.