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Mastering Shiny

This book is designed to take you from knowing nothing about Shiny to being an expert developer who can write large complex apps that are still maintainable and performant. You’ll gain a deep understanding of the reactive programming model that underlies Shiny, as well as building a tool box of useful techniques to solve common app challenges.

Created by Hadley Wickham


What you’ll learn

Through this educational resource you will gain confidence with the compentencies required by employers these days. The most in demand technique in the educational opportunity that is often included from companies is Data Modeling. The most relevant tool is Shiny. You will also hear about Programming Skills, a trait commonly included in job descriptions.

Who will benefit?

Evaluating material from this educational resource with nearly 10,000 data-related job postings, we determine that those interested in Data Scientist roles have the most to gain.