Introduction to Bayesian Econometrics


Since late 90’s Bayesian inference has gained a lot of popularity among researchers due to the computational revolution and availability of algorithms to solve complex integrals. However, many researchers, students and practitioners still lack understanding and application of this inferential approach. The main reason is the requirement of good programming skills.

Introduction to Bayesian econometrics: A GUIded tour mainly targets those who want to apply Bayesian regression analysis having a good conceptual and formal understanding, but not having time to develop programming skills. Thus, this book provides a graphical user interface (GUI) to carry out Bayesian regression in a very friendly environment. The book also provides the basic theory, and its code implementation using R software (R Core Team 2021), some econometric applications to highlight the potential of Bayesian regression, and theory and computational exercises, for those who are interested in developing more complex models.Read more.

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