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Using AI to Gain a Competitive Edge for your Customer Experience (CX)

Use AI to get to know your customers online and optimise their experienceThis two-week course will empower you with the knowledge, practical skills, and digital tools to use AI to improve your customer experience and boost sales. Discover how AI can transform your customer experience processes Customers are spending more and more time interacting with brands across social media, websites, and other online channels. On this course, you’ll explore ways to take advantage of information about your customer interactions. You’ll learn how to gather customer data and take quick actions based on deeper insights. Apply AI to drive better business performance In a competitive environment, AI can play a central role in enabling businesses’ to extract insights at the right time to improve return on investment (ROI) and increase revenue. As you discover practical applications of AI that can support your business’s AI evolution, you’ll be introduced to AI-driven technology platforms. You’ll also learn how to build the required infrastructure to implement AI within your organisation. Learn with data science and AI expert, Jaimie Patel The lead course educator, Jaimie Patel, is VP of Marketing Science at Critical Mass, a leading digital marketing and experience agency. Jaimie has over 15 years’ experience in digital marketing, data science, and AI and has worked on numerous projects identifying smarter insights for digital marketing performance and customer experience using AI and machine learning-driven modelling. Under her expert guidance, you’ll learn how to create a company culture where AI leads decision-making and develop a roadmap for AI implementation that increases overall sales and business profitability.


What you’ll learn

In this learning resource you will acquire the skills sought from employers these days. The most in demand technique within the educational opportunity that is often requested from employers is Data Analysis. You will also hear about Decision Making Skills, a trait commonly included in job postings.

Who will benefit?

Comparing material from this educational opportunity with nearly 10,000 data-related job maps, we discover that those in or pursuing Data Scientist roles would benefit the most.