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Protecting Health Data in the Modern Age: Getting to Grips with the GDPR

Join this course to understand how health data is protectedPeople use technologies to track their fitness and health. Medical and health professionals use technologies to treat patients. These technologies generate a lot of health data. With technological developments in the health sector come questions of privacy. This course will explore the protection of health data in light of the GDPR. You will learn about rights, obligations, risks, safeguards and many other related aspects. By exploring the changing data protection landscape, you will improve your awareness of how to protect health data in an evolving digital and technical world.


What you’ll learn

Through this educational resource you may gain confidence with the compentencies required by organizations in 2021.

Who will benefit?

Comparing the description from this educational resource with nearly 10,000 data-related job postings, we discover that those interested in Data Analyst roles have the most to gain.