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Object-oriented Programming in Python: Create Your Own Adventure Game

A fun introduction to object-oriented programming in PythonObject-oriented programming is a programming paradigm based on objects and data rather than actions and logic. This online course will introduce you to the principles of object-oriented programming in Python, showing you how to create objects, functions, methods, and classes. You’ll use what you learn to create your own text-based adventure game. You will have the chance to share your code with other learners, and see theirs. If you’re an educator, you’ll also be able to develop ideas for using object-oriented programming in your classroom.


What you’ll learn

Through this learning resource you can acquire the compentencies demanded from organizations in 2021. The most in demand technique within the educational opportunity that is commonly mentioned by organizations is Functions. The most relevant tool is Python. You will also learn about Programming Skills, a trait often mentioned in job descriptions.

Who will benefit?

Mapping content from this learning resource with nearly 10,000 data-related job descriptions, we determine that those in or pursuing Data Scientist roles would benefit the most.