Functional Programming in Haskell: Supercharge Your Coding

Do you want to develop software using the latest programming language paradigm? Haskell is a functional programming language, based on formal mathematical principles. As such, it is easy to reason about and develop, and it executes efficiently on modern multicore machines. From investment banks to social networks, everyone is adopting Haskell. Get an introduction to functional programming in Haskell On this introductory course, you will discover the power, elegance and simplicity of functional programming in Haskell. By the end, you will be able to: characterise the differences between imperative and functional programming paradigms; implement small-scale functional programs in elementary Haskell; apply standard combinators for operating on lists; create new algebraic data types and use recursion to define functions that traverse recursive types; and reason in a mathematical manner about data types, functions, recursion and similar functional constructs. Learn with developers from the birthplace of Haskell This course has been created by the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow – the virtual birthplace of the Haskell language, where many of its original developers worked. It will give you the opportunity to learn with these experts and join the growing, global community of Haskell programmers.

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