Financial Analysis for Business Decisions: Introduction to Data Analysis Tools and Capital Projects


Are you looking for financial analysis tools to better equip you for data driven decision making?

In this financial management course, you’ll begin to learn about financial analysis tools for data-driven decision making.
Data has always been fundamental to the discipline of finance. Recent years, however, we have seen a greater drive towards data-driven decision making in all sectors.

Financial analysis is central to this, helping organisations to understand the costs, risks, and benefits of different methods. There is an increased expectation, therefore, that finance professionals or managers with financial responsibility will possess fundamental data analysis skills.

This financial management course will introduce you to key data analysis tools that can help you to support data-driven decision making. You’ll also explore capital projects, and understand the role that financial analysis can play in these.

Build finance skills to support decision making

In this introduction to financial data analysis, you’ll learn about fundamental data analysis tools, such as regression and sensitivity analysis. You’ll explore these data analysis tools, and discover how to evaluate which are best for decision making in different contexts.
These business fundamentals will be beneficial to both finance professionals and general managers looking to strengthen their finance skills.

Financial analysis is particularly key to making good business decisions in relation to these large, expensive projects. You’ll also explore capital projects, discovering what these are and their relevance to organisations. By developing your finance skills on this course, you’ll be able to contribute to successful capital projects at your organisation.Read more.

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