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Financial Analysis for Business Decisions: Cash Flow Management


Do you need to improve cash flow management within your organisation? Financial analysis plays a central role in data-driven decision making in our current analytics-orientated age.

In this financial management course, you’ll learn how financial analysis can be applied to various aspects of cash flow management.

You will learn:

how to calculate working capital, cash conversion cycles, and bond and stock valuations
best practice accounting policy related to accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR) and inventory
how to raise short-term financing
how to raise capital with stocks and bonds vs. investment
The finance and accounting skills you learn in this course will enable you to take a data-led approach to cash flow management. This will empower you to lead data-driven decision making related to incomings and outgoings in your or your clients’ organisations.

Make better business decisions with financial analysis

You will explore key elements of cash flow management on this course. These include how to calculate working capital, cash conversion cycles, and stock and bond valuations.

You will consider accounting policy, looking at best practice related to AP, AR, and inventory management.

Using financial analysis, you will learn how to take a sound, data-driven approach to business decisions related to these areas. You will be able to approach these aspects of cash flow management with confidence.

Explore how to raise capital through different channels

This financial management course will also consider the question of how to raise capital. You’ll learn approaches to raising short-term financing to meet an organisation’s immediate needs. Such needs can emerge unexpectedly or in relation to external events, being able to raise short-term financing can therefore be pivotal.Read more.

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