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Data Science in the Games Industry

Use data analysis to build better gaming experiences The video games industry collects vast amounts of data from its users. But most of this data is disregarded despite its value to the gaming industry. This course will show you how to store and analyse data effectively and gain insights into game users’ actions and behaviours. You’ll find out about the different models of data, such as tabular data, atomic data, and relational data. You’ll understand how to store non-relational data at scale, and why data can be hard to distribute. You’ll learn how to build better gaming experiences and increase profits.


What you’ll learn

In this educational resource you will improve the skills sought by organizations today. The most relevant technique in the educational opportunity that is frequently included by companies is Data Analysis. The most in demand tool is Python.

Who will benefit?

Mapping content from this learning opportunity with nearly 10,000 data-related job advertisements, we discover that those interested in Data Scientist roles have the most to gain.