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Big Data Analytics: Opportunities, Challenges and the Future

In the information age, we value the people who can understand the data Big data analytics helps us to understand the huge volume of information our world now generates. We can use analytics to uncover hidden patterns, predict trends, gauge customer opinions and so much more. On this course, developed by Professor Bela Stantic and Griffith University’s Big Data and Smart Analytics Lab, you’ll learn how to evaluate data from different sources, and how big data is being used in various industries to solve problems and shape our future. You’ll also consider the challenges that arise from big data analytics, and, ultimately, how all this impacts your life.


What you’ll learn

From this educational resource you will gain confidence with the skills sought by organizations in 2021. The most in demand technique from the educational resource that is frequently requested by employers is Customer. You will also find out about Problem Solving Skills, a trait commonly included in job descriptions.

Who will benefit?

Evaluating content from this learning opportunity with nearly 10,000 data-related job postings, we find that those in or pursuing Data Architect roles have the most to gain.