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Exploratory Data Analysis with MATLAB

In this course, you will learn to think like a data scientist and ask questions of your data. You will use interactive features in MATLAB to extract subsets of data and to compute statistics on groups of related data. You will learn to use MATLAB to automatically generate code so you can learn syntax as you explore. You will also use interactive documents, called live scripts, to capture the steps of your analysis, communicate the results, and provide interactive controls allowing others to experiment by selecting groups of data.

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What you’ll learn

From this educational resource you can acquire the skills demanded from companies these days. The most relevant technique in the educational resource that is frequently requested from employers is Data Analysis. The most relevant tool is Matlab. You will also hear about Communication Skills, a trait commonly mentioned in job advertisements.

Who will benefit?

Comparing content from this learning resource with nearly 10,000 data-related job postings, we determine that those in or pursuing Data Scientist roles would benefit the most.