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Getting started with data science can feel intimidating. You probably have a lot of questions on your mind. What tools should I learn first? Which data career track am I best suited for? We want to put your mind at ease. So start small, enjoy the experience, and let us know if we can help with anything.

Data scientists gather and analyze data sets consisting of both structured (quantitative) and unstructured data (images, videos, PDF documents, audio, and other file types).

A data scientist’s role is often the combination of a number of skills across computer science, statistics, analysis, and mathematics. Data Scientists identify the relevant data, examine, and evaluate data (analyze, organize, manage) and interpret or visually display data results to create action for any user – an individual, entrepreneur, company, or an organization.

Data Scientists produce artificial intelligence (Ai) systems to do tasks that might take a human more time or effort and create insights that analysts and business users can translate into value for the business.

Data scientists are known for their analytical skills who are skills in a range of tech tools and social science frameworks. Often, they can spot trends and organize data in more manageable ways for efficiency. Data Scientists may understand various industries, or factors that impact a process or context to questions and can ask examine information in ways that help to uncover answers for challenges today and the future.

There are a variety of job roles that use data science and DataKwery has curated learning paths focused on the specific sets of skills or topics that can be extremely helpful in such positions.

Skilled data scientists are often people who have a combination of several skills, which may include expertise in math, proficiency in Python or R or other programming languages, an understanding of business intelligence or specific industry, interest in technology and knowledge of machine learning.

The salary range of data job roles ranges from today’s average of $70,903 (US) Data Analyst to $198,112 Chief Data Officer.

Explore the variety of data job roles presented by DataKwery with learning paths focused on the specific sets of skills or topics that can be extremely helpful in such positions.

As an emerging field, Data Science combines skills in programming, math, and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data, and in particular large volume data sets we call “big data”. Data science focuses on problems and methods unique to digital information that can include every file type we use (audio, visual, text, graphic, and more). The work of data scientists often consists of machine learning algorithms, predictive models, and other analysis to create actionable insights from data to solve problems across a variety of fields.

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