R is a powerful tool for statistics, graphics, and statistical programming. It is used by tens of thousands of people daily to perform serious statistical analyses. It is a free, open source system whose implementation is the collective accomplishment of many intelligent, hard-working people. There are more than 10,000 available add-on packages, and R is a serious rival to all commercial statistical packages.

But R can be frustrating. It’s not obvious how to accomplish many tasks, even simple ones. The simple tasks are easy once you know how, yet figuring out that “how” can be maddening.

This book is full of how-to recipes, each of which solves a specific problem. The recipe includes a quick introduction to the solution followed by a discussion that aims to unpack the solution and give you some insight into how it works. We know these recipes are useful and we know they work, because we use them ourselves.Read more.

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