R for People Analytics


The course took place at the RStudio Conference on July 25th-26th 2022. It covered some of the most commonly used methods of analysis and inference when working with data related to people, such as performance data and organizational network data.

Learn how to understand basic principles of statistical inference and know how to conduct tests of difference in populations based on samples, how to conduct and interpret a suite of explanatory modeling techniques which are used to analyze common outcome types in people analytics, construct, visualize and analyze organizational or people networks, and use integrated data science documents to execute analyses and explain methods and results based on all the above.

By Keith McNulty, Alex LoPilato, Liz Romero, Jordan Sparks, Rachel Ramsay, and Jiena McLellan.Read more.

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The techniques and tools covered in R for People Analytics are most similar to the requirements found in Business Analyst job advertisements.

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