Software Development with Python and Java: Introducing Java


Becoming a software developer requires you to confidently use programming languages such as Python and Java to design, build, and fix software.

This course is designed to build your existing Python knowledge and introduce you to Java and its applications within the development environment.

Expand your Python skills

In the second course in this Software Development with Python and Java ExpertTrack, you’ll explore how Python is used in relation to object-oriented programming principles.

You’ll also examine common Python libraries and how they’re applied within software development. These modules and exercises will build your confidence and skill with the programming language so you become comfortable using it within a professional context.

Learn about Java

Alongside Python, Java is another commonly used programming language extensively used in the software development industry.

You’ll gain an introduction to Java so that you can draw on more than one programming language for your work. You’ll learn the basics of how it works, and the variables, data types and operators, arrays, and control statements used within it.Read more.

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