Data Visualisation Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners


Data visualisations are ongoing proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. Learning to effectively turn data insights into visual language is a highly sought-after skill, as businesses around the world struggle to turn their data into useful, digestible insights.

This course starts from scratch to teach you how to turn your data into a story that’s understood across your organisation. You will learn how to use the elements of visual design - line, shape, negative space, volume, value, colour and texture - and turn them into meaningful imagery that you can use to communicate with stakeholders, customers, and colleagues.

Improve your visual literacy

Rather than starting at chart types and ideas, you’ll build your understanding of visual literacy so that you can understand our instinctive responses to images and how to properly channel them into useful stories.

Learn to conduct visual analysis

Once you understand the basics of visual literacy, you’ll be able to analyse illustrations and data visualisations. This can help you improve your own visualisations and parse great visualisations you see to find ideas and inspiration.

Discover how to create data visualisations for your business

Finally, you’ll move onto creating data visualisations for your business. By now, you’ll understand what makes an effective visualisation and how to combine insights and design elements into presentations that make a real impact.Read more.

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