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AI Programming with Python for Beginners


What’s the best way to learn Python programming for beginners? It’s easy for novices to use and learn the powerful programming language.

This course is a great introduction to fundamental programming concepts and how to code in Python.

You’ll learn the basics such as syntax, variables and types before carrying out data analysis using Python. After you’ve mastered these essentials you’ll progress to handling data structures such as creating and manipulating regular Python lists, NumPy arrays and the Pandas DataFrame.

You’ll also learn other Python functions, import packages and control flows along the way, and discover how to perform interesting calculations.

This Python online course will also allow you to take your first dive into the world of data visualisation, and you’ll create your first stunning visualisations and customise plots on real data.

What is Python used for? Coding and the fundamentals explained

On this online Python course you’ll find out why Python is the best programming language for AI and machine learning. Machine learning with Python teaches computers to learn from and recognise specific patterns. Python AI is also capable of making predictions, estimating potential answers and more.

You’ll discover how coding with Python allows developers to create advanced networks with powerful data-management capabilities.

Unlock quick and easy data visualisation techniques

How can you use Python to turn vast quantities of data into useful, easy-to-understand data?

The course will show you the different ways Python can be used to present high-volume information, from histograms and heat maps to raincloud plots, to help you analyse and make better data-based decisions.Read more.

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