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Statistics 2 Part 2: Statistical Inference


The final part in a series of four courses which help you to master statistics fundamentals and build your quantitative skillset for progression in high-growth careers, or to use as step towards further study at undergraduate level.

Statistics 2 Part 2 is a self-paced course from LSE which aims to develop your knowledge of elementary statistical theory, particularly relating to the concepts, methods and techniques of measurement and hypothesis testing that were introduced in Statistics 1 and Statistics 2, Part 1.Read more.

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Career Relevance by Data Role

The techniques and tools covered in Statistics 2 Part 2: Statistical Inference are most similar to the requirements found in Data Scientist job advertisements.

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Learning Sequence

Statistics 2 Part 2: Statistical Inference is a part of one structured learning path.

London School of Economics and Political Science

4 Courses 5 Months

Statistics Fundamentals