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Case Study: Inventory Analysis in Power BI


Looking for a way to challenge what you have learned in Power BI? This case study can help you be prepared to tackle real-world problems in the field of inventory analysis. You’ll analyze a dataset from a wonderful fictitious company named WarmeHands Inc. As with many retailers, they want to investigate possible improvements in inventory management and purchases, but they need some help. Here is where you come to the rescue. But as you will see, in a real-world case, not everything is perfect.

You will start using some Power Query for cleaning and exploring the data to verify everything makes sense. Next, you’ll work with some manipulations and intermediate DAX formulas for analyzing the clean information to obtain focused insights. Finally, you’ll finish by creating some attractive yet informative report pages. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be more confident performing an inventory analysis using Power BI.Read more.

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