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Introduction to Accounting Data Analytics and Visualization

Accounting has always been about analytical thinking. From the earliest days of the profession, Luca Pacioli emphasized the importance of math and order for analyzing business transactions. The skillset that accountants have needed to perform math and to keep order has evolved from pencil and paper, to typewriters and calculators, then to spreadsheets and accounting software. A new skillset that is becoming more important for nearly every aspect of business is that of big data analytics: analyzing large amounts of data to find actionable insights. This course is designed to help accounting students develop an analytical mindset and prepare them to use data analytic programming languages like Python and R.

Created by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


What you’ll learn

From this educational resource you can acquire the skills required by employers these days. The most in demand technique from the educational resource that is frequently mentioned from companies is Data Analysis. The most relevant tool is Python. You will also hear about Programming Skills, a trait commonly included in job postings.

Who will benefit?

Mapping material from this learning resource with nearly 10,000 data-related job descriptions, we find that those interested in Data Scientist roles would benefit the most.