Innovations in Investment Technology: Artificial Intelligence


Explore the evolution of AI investing and online wealth management.

Investing and managing your wealth online has never been easier, but how does AI investing work and what are the challenges?

On this course, you’ll explore how technology has changed the way we invest money. You’ll consider the evolution of AI-driven online wealth management platforms, robo-advisors, and learn how they work and why they’re successful.

Moving from human-based data-driven investing strategies to neural networks, you’ll assess the ability of artificial intelligence to make investment decisions and discover the role of AI and machine learning in making trading decisions.

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of human financial advisors and investors.

Explain the business model of robo/AI-advisors.

Identify the relationship between identifiable firm characteristics and average returns.

Build a diversified portfolio based on attitudes toward risk.Read more.

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