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Applied Social Network Analysis in Python

This course will introduce the learner to network analysis through tutorials using the NetworkX library. The course begins with an understanding of what network analysis is and motivations for why we might model phenomena as networks. The second week introduces the concept of connectivity and network robustness. The third week will explore ways of measuring the importance or centrality of a node in a network. The final week will explore the evolution of networks over time and cover models of network generation and the link prediction problem.

Created by University of Michigan


What you’ll learn

From this learning resource you can improve the compentencies required by organizations in 2021. The most relevant technique from the educational resource that is commonly included from employers is Data Analysis. The most in demand tool is Python. You will also learn about Communication Skills, a trait commonly requested in job advertisements.

Who will benefit?

Mapping material from this learning resource with nearly 10,000 data-related job maps, we determine that those interested in Data Scientist roles would benefit the most.