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Learn R

R is a widely used statistical programming language that’s beloved by users in academia and industry. R works well with data, making it a great language for anyone interested in data analysis, data visualization, and data science. In this course, you’ll be exposed to fundamental programming concepts in R. After the basics, you’ll learn how to organize, modify and clean data frames, a useful data structure in R. Then you’ll learn how to create data visualizations to showcase insights in data! Finish up with statistics and hypothesis testing to become a data analysis expert


What you’ll learn

Through this learning opportunity you can acquire the skills demanded from companies today. The most relevant technique in the educational opportunity that is often included by organizations is Data Analysis. The most in demand tool is R. You will also find out about Programming Skills, a trait frequently requested in job postings.

Who will benefit?

Mapping content from this educational opportunity with nearly 10,000 data-related job descriptions, we discover that those interested in Data Scientist roles have the most to gain.