Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp for Product and Business Managers


This course will teach the business implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and how product managers and business managers can pivot their careers to use it. AI combines insights resulting from emerging data sources and algorithms, leading to innovations spanning every industry and walk of life. Students will be introduced to the variety, volume, veracity, and velocity of business data and will learn how to use it to create new products and business innovations.

We will begin by focusing on laying a strong foundation of various AI applications such as facial recognition, computer vision, voice, and machine learning, which have arisen from the convergence of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Big Data algorithms, and new business models. Moving into AI product management and applied AI, we will look at industries like retail, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, fintech, and mobility. Next, we will cover the business of AI and AI ethics. Students will learn a framework for creating new businesses and transforming existing ones using AI. Students will leave the course with new insights into innovation opportunities in AI and with a framework for pivoting their careers toward opportunities in AI.Read more.

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The techniques and tools covered in Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp for Product and Business Managers are most similar to the requirements found in Data Scientist job advertisements.

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