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Similar to how UIs help people use programs, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) help programs interact with other programs. APIs are tools that computers use to communicate with one another, in part to send and receive data.

Programmers often use AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) when working with APIs. AJAX refers to a group of technologies that make asynchronous requests to a server to transfer data, then load any returned data into the page. And the data transferred between the browser and server is often in a format called JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

This course will teach you the basics about working with APIs and different AJAX technologies in the browser.

Part of the Data Visualization Certification.Lee mas.

Relevancia profesional por rol de datos

Las técnicas y herramientas cubiertas en JSON APIs and AJAX son muy similares a los requisitos que se encuentran en los anuncios de trabajo de Ingeniero de datos.

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JSON APIs and AJAX is a part of uno structured learning path.