Evaluating and Fine-Tuning Classification Models in Python

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Big Data Emerging Technologies


Every time you use Google to search something, every time you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other SNS (Social Network Service), and every time you buy from a recommended list of products on Amazon.com you are using a big data system. In addition, big data technology supports your smartphone, smartwatch, Alexa, Siri, and automobile (if it is a newer model) every day. The top companies in the world are currently using big data technology, and every company is in need of advanced big data technology support. Simply put, big data technology is not an option for your company, it is a necessity for survival and growth. So now is the right time to learn what big data is and how to use it in advantage of your company. This 6 module course first focuses on the world?s industry market share rankings of big data hardware, software, and professional services, and then covers the world?s top big data product line and service types of the major big data companies. Then the lectures focused on how big data analysis is possible based on the world?s most popular three big data technologies Hadoop, Spark, and Storm. The last part focuses on providing experience on one of the most famous and widely used big data statistical analysis systems in the world, the IBM SPSS Statistics. This course was designed to prepare you to be more successful in businesses strategic planning in the upcoming big data era. Welcome to the amazing Big Data world!Lee mas.

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