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Kotlin for Java Developers

The Kotlin programming language is a modern language that gives you more power for your everyday tasks. Kotlin is concise, safe, pragmatic, and focused on interoperability with Java code. It can be used almost everywhere Java is used today: for server-side development, Android apps, and much more. Kotlin is 100% compatible with all existing Java frameworks, and has good tooling support. It?s a pragmatic language with a very low learning curve, and can be quickly grasped by Java developers. Kotlin code might be compiled not only to JVM bytecode but to JavaScript and Native code as well, but this course is focused on Kotlin/JVM.

Created by JetBrains


What you’ll learn

Through this educational resource you may acquire the compentencies demanded from companies these days. The most relevant technique within the learning resource that is frequently requested from companies is Programming Language. The most in demand tool is Java. You will also hear about Programming Skills, a trait commonly requested in job postings.

Who will benefit?

Evaluating the description from this learning opportunity with nearly 10,000 data-related job descriptions, we find that those in or pursuing Data Engineer roles have the most to gain.